"Our superintendent and student services director enthusiastically endorsed the purchase of Children's Hospital's e-learning programs. We recognized the benefits of offering students engaging, research-based programming that would increase their knowledge and build skills while providing important data for us."
Beth Heflin, mental health and ATODA coordinator, West Allis-West Milwaukee School District
Act Now!
Course name:   Act Now!
Target age group:   Grades K4 through 8
Target course length:   Varies by grade level from three to nine classroom hours when completing both online and classroom lessons. A classroom hour is defined as a 40-minute class period.
K4/K5 course:   Three hours
Grades 1, 2 and 3 courses:   Approximately five classroom hours
Grades 4 and 5 course:   Three to five classroom hours.
Grade 6 course:   Seven to nine classroom hours.
Grades 7 and 8 courses:   Four to six classroom hours.
Bullying Prevention

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is committed to keeping kids healthy and safe. That's why we created Act Now!, a continuum of bulling prevention courses that support and enhance Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), are game-based, and align with National Health Education standards. These fun and engaging programs, developed in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, teach kids how to keep their classrooms and school safe by creating a bully-free environment.

Using online and classroom activities, Act Now! addresses all types of bullying, including cyber bullying and sexual harassment, at the middle school level. Pre- and post-tests allow you to track your students' knowledge and comprehension as you move through the course.The comprehensive teacher's guide provides details of activities and lessons as well as implementation strategies and additional resources.

Sample Activity
Comic Strip Creator
This activity allows 3rd graders to create comic strips with anti-bullying messages.
Sample Activity
Bookshelf Shuffle
Students unscramble bullying terms in this game for 6th graders.
Students will develop grade-appropriate skills to prevent and stop bullying, including how to:
  • Differentiate between conflict and bullying.
  • Build effective interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution techniques in the K4 through third grade courses.
  • Use assertive comebacks and develop empathetic attitudes that help foster healthy classrooms skills.
  • Help a victim of bullying, including asking an adult for help.
  • Apply these skills in their online social interactions in the 4th through 8th grade courses.
Staff training

This easy-to-use, four-part professional development program was recently updated and features new e‑learning content as well as a streamlined facilitator’s guide. This is a great tool for schools that want to:

  • Educate all staff on bullying, district and school policies and procedures, and intervention ideas
  • Gather and analyze student feedback on bullying and climate
  • Create an action plan and committees that will focus on bullying prevention school-wide
Research schools that implemented student education and staff training were five times more effective in reducing bullying incidences than those that did only the student program.
Introduction to Act Now! Staff Training
For more information about Act Now! and other Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's e-learning programs, call toll-free (866) 228-5670 or email healthykids@chw.org.

For parents

Visit Parents Act Now! for information on ways to handle different types of bullying situations that may affect your child or teen, whether at school, at home, or in the community.

Zink the Zebra
This program was built through apartnership with Zink the Zebra Foundation.During the program, students will be introduced to Zink and learn about what she represents.A special thank you to Zink the Zebra Foundation for its vision, passion and financial support that helped make Act Now! possible.